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Contaminated pills that were found in the Netherlands are white and have a four leaf clover logo. It is unknown how many of these tablets were found in the Dutch market. The Trimbos Institute identifies the test's Web site for more information. NL. According to Researcher Peter van Dijk, people of low weight or evil can resistance already seriously ill, especially if contaminated resources will be alone or in combination with other resources. The use of various pills can also be life-threatening. The active ingredient of tablets (PMMA) is chemically related to XTC, but has weaker psychological effects. In addition, the pills are the slowest. ‘ many people feel the effects of XTC and other ’ in this way, according to van Dijk. ‘ currently, it becomes this substance because it is bad. ’. It was published Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 19. 50 and is filed under all, Wapdrugs. You can follow responses with the RSS 2. power 0. You can set the response, or a trackback from your own site. XHTML: you can use these tags: < abbr href = > < title = title = > < b > < < acronym title = > BLOCKQUOTE cite = < name > > < code > > > < em < DateTime = < the > < > < strike > < q > = strong quote. The Wapexpress in the Wapwinkel initiative. This store is the only place for the Netherlands and Belgium where all possible WAP, purchase products, Wapweekend a good time. On this page, you can experiment with other, softer WAP WAP or WAP dates after advice from the part make sure that you are not, however, Wade, when you visit this site, because that is then no more any fixed rope, buttons or typed their apologies so all here on Tuesday. In our website, also pay attention to the less pleasant side of drugs like GHB research or accidents related to drugs in the game. We wish you lots of fun with coat of arms. Take advantage of 5 htp xtc gebruik the crest, but WAP wholesale! 5-HTP 5htp amphetamines cocaine arrests in the pipes of the arrest of cannabis from coca-filled drug GHB GHB drug test control death looking for cannabis cheap to grow lab grow Kit discover new embroidered woven Maryam n2o nitrogen model fungus cream gendarmerie inhale swinger speed pills saliva test traffic truffle searching for WAP Wapwinkel herbal cannabis seed coat Wade Wapshop XTC. Wapwinkel, GHB, Popper, Black Kiss, arms, Wade, mattress, Wapperdeflap, Wapdaten, Wapafspraak-bi, Wade, Gewapt, Wapsex, WAP for anything serious, Wade. Wapdrugs: Ghb, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, speed, amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamine, PEP, fast, Meatball, ball, diving technical smoke, Special K, ketamine, marijuana, hashish, hash, grass, mixed 2CB, methylone, Jaffa, explosion, Nakje, hammer, LSD, Brut, stamp, card, magic mushrooms, spring of heavenly hot water, nitrous oxide, N2O, helium. Hey, Bullit, GHB tube, pony vasino, iniezione, Pack, large piano. .