5 Htp Seasonal Affective Disorder

Some people eagerly awaiting the grey days and long winter nights and sad. In fact the people feel better in the summer, when the days warm and sunny. We get more, more exercise and eating less. But for some people the transition from summer to winter, the feelings of depression leads. For these persons in the changing of the seasons marked a significant change in personality happy (or not so good) and relaxes tense and depressed. May trouble out of bed in the morning, concentration and moderation of food (especially when it comes to carbohydrates, long after). You lose interest in activities that normally enjoy and feel irritable and down. When the spring comes, you feel like you again. Until 1980 this seasonal change didn't know with people who suffer from personality what them was going on. But Norman e. Rosenthal d. m., who at the time worked at the National Institute of mental health, then the days in the winter shorter to decouple darker and beginning of seasonal depression. He and his colleagues will have to study this phenomenon started and gave him the name of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Since then, he has added the primary diagnostic manual for mental health conditions. No one knows what causes SAD. Experts believe that light plays a role and that expose people with SAD extra easy sometimes improves the mood. The hormone melatonin must be also involved. Regulated animals sleep melatonin. Melatonin is secreted in the dark, and people have more in your bloodstream in the winter and summer. In fact, when scientists gave subjects melatonin, reduce their body temperature and become a sleepy too. Scientists speculate that people with SAD often benefit from light therapy, because the light will turn off the production of melatonin. SAD appears in varying degrees. Some people feel a bit depressed; others are so depressed, that required hospitalization. In others, the mood is affected, but the energy levels are so low they unable, accomplish the things that are to be, or who would normally be able 5 htp seasonal affective disorder during the other seasons. What can be done about the SAD, have a warm holiday weather every couple of weeks to take in the winter? Next page home remedies can help. This information is for informational purposes only. IT IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE TO GIVE. The editors of consumer guide R, publications international, Ltd., author or Editor take over any responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, procedure, exercise, dietary changes, action, or application of medication, resulting from the reading or information contained in this information below. No medical procedures make the publication of this information, and this information replaces the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. Before beginning any course of treatment, consult the reader advice from your physician or other healthcare provider,.