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Advantages of print version (PDF): promotes a general feeling of well-being. Strengthens liver function, which can affect mood. Compatible systems of lymphoid tissue, cardiovascular and nervous. How it works: this formula contains 17 herbs to regulate traditional Chinese medicine as a combination of strengthening fire and untrap Chi (life force). Its Chinese name Jie Yu can translate, in the sense of anxiety and stress relief. From the blood by the liver to filter all cells in the body function and liver health can strongly affect mood. Undesirable composite blood must be properly neutralized by the liver. Chinese mood elevator help herbal to cleanse and support the liver. The rabbit ears, intended to strengthen the liver, providing Yang energy, the Chinese believe that Chi (life force in the body) is launched in the digestive organs. Cyperus also influences the liver and improves digestion with its bitter and aromatic. Ingredients: bamboo leaves to knob, Rhizomes of Cyperus, Bupleurum root, Typhonium Rhizome, and Chih-Shih fruit aurantium Peel, SAP. Cnidium Rhizome, gambir stem, caves sclerotium, ophiopogon root tuber Rhizome of ginger root, ginseng root, Platycodon, Tang Kuei root, Coptis Rhizome and licorice root. Recommended use: take 4 capsules with a meal twice daily. Yamaha 5. Channel 1 loudspeaker (DK-40) home theatre is a perfect entertainment solution, allowing you to enjoy a full surround sound with music and movies. Tuned speakers provides clear and soft tone, is pleasing to the ears. In addition, this home surround speakers speaker and subwoofer, which are perfect for smooth audio crossover includes. Together, they offer a rich and extensive sound for listening to music and watching movies. DK-40 is equipped with a newly developed Yamaha advanced YST II (Yamaha active servo II), 5 htp nsp which combines negative impedance and constant flow of power woofer principles with tighter control. This system improves the speaker's impedance dynamically efficient new to keep their excellent linearity with negative impedance converter circuit (RACI) advanced. So it is more stable than a low response and provide with accuracy so natural and powerful bass reproduction. Home Theater 5 speaker has a channel to a linear connection, which ensures a low smooth reaction by minimizing noise. To ensure that the system includes representing the flat-screen TV, the speakers are designed in glossy black finish. The Center and surround models their agreement with the traditional representation of Yamaha speakers. With a clean design and sound quality, you can place the speakers in every corner of your House with ease. In addition, there are openings in the back, the lock hole to mount the speakers on the walls and without effort on your part,. .