5 Htp Erbamea

Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid is part of some of our basic metabolic processes essential for the synthesis of amino acids, which play an essential role in the design of the body and the formation of hemoglobin. It is really important for cell growth and reproduction, particularly during pregnancy and particularly in the first phase of embryonic development. In PI, folic acid is very important for the health and the proper functioning of the organism as a whole, make a decisive contribution to reduce exhaustion and fatigue. The name of this vitamin is derived from the Latin word Folium, meaning leaf: in fact present in all folic acid and green vegetables such as spinach, Swiss chard, lettuce, but is also present in fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals. The human body can produce not folic acid, as is the case with most vitamins. Through a varied, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, take a good amount of vitamin B9. But sometimes might want to add an additional dietary folic acid, z. B. during pregnancy, additional energy for the body and stimulate the growth of maternal tissues or in those times where our well-being tested Super Sport or physical activity and psycho physical stress: vitamin B9 reduces fatigue, muscular level and great help also for a balanced functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Each tablet contains 400 mcg of folic acid, 200% of your RDA. Gluten-free. AvvertenzeFormulazione is ideal for balance and serenity in melancholy and those, who suffer less than disorders of mood, anxiety and apathy and physiological well-being. Useful for anxiety and depression, often accompany events such as menopause. More than Armovita it contains lyophilized Multicomposto St. John wort extract from St. John's wort, herbs for the treatment of mood disorders and depression, the 5 htp erbamea grass of San Juan, and high titers of Hypericin, flavonoids, Iperforine, a real relationship takes place by combining it with specific tests breaks 3 flowers at the top, to ensure as many as possible of these substances. Griffonia concentrated formulation, rich 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), factory-finished a functional synergy of quick action on physiological state of the humor, passion flower, lemon balm and total plants known for their natural actions, calming and relaxing and ready. Produces 100% natural, gluten-free. Conditions of use and warnings,,