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A survey of the delicious flavors of the electronic cigarette, Ecigarette Forum (tobacco or menthol) will stop smokers from adults, he found, prefers. This is contrary to the belief of the majority of politicians who are only Ecigarette aromas, young people to win. Senator Jay Rockefeller, legislator 77 years in the United States revealed that tastes like candy dreams chocolate, vanilla and cherry crush peachy appeal to adults, because he doesn't like to dislike it. Therefore grilled executives Ecig companies, whose Jason Healy of the Blu CIGS Senate recently held. Healy responded to a survey which revealed that e-CIG users at the average age of 40 are the cherry with the appeal. Reply by Vapers to prefer, that delicious FlavorsHealy Ecigarette cigarette Forum results recently supported. The survey (late) July (at the beginning). Included in more than 10. 000 members of the ECF. 78% of respondents are Americans and their age varies between 18 and 65 years old. 74% of them are 22-54 years old. If his preference of taste asked, 22% said such as tobacco and menthol 3% tobacco. Essentially, this means that 75% of the adults surveyed except tobacco and menthol flavor prefer. 31% prefer tobacco; 19 as a bakery/sweet and salty or 5% want the spicy. These figures makes only sense, because there are more than 7 000 different scents available currently on the market today, reports the New York Times. Is also addressed, with another investigation, taking into account the fact that the majority of participants preferred back collateral instruments fill bottles on Ecigarettes disposable Ecig. Refillable, sprays are bought online or vape stores while Ecigarettes disposable will be bought in shops and supermarkets. Already completed Cartomizer buy everything that is said, especially online. Brands know how green cloud of smoke, and V2 CIGS are specialized in this category and have a large suite online. Green smoke is known that the taste very delicious and authentic, and for this reason many users successfully regularly smoking within weeks changed. Aromas play a large role in the satisfaction of a smoker's. Great tasting finally understand smoking flavors of e-CIG as unpleasant taste of normal cigarettes. More details on aromas of green smoke of learning are easy with the comments by green smoke. I read on everyone, then decide what you want!Ecigs help, QuittingRockefeller and other politicians anti-e-CIG questioned evidence provide that electronic cigarettes can leave many smokers in their goal. 89% of respondents said they smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day until what she started Vaping. 88% reported that they were currently not smoking. These data are similar to the results of another study concentrated participate on Vaping online forums, people. The survey was reported in April and published in the journal International for research on environment and health. This investigation focused on 19 Vapers. 000 and more all over the world. Found the 99. 5% of the ex-smokers were first Vaping Vapers. 4/5 one of them completely with the smoking, the rest are to reduce smoking in an average of 20 cigarettes to 4 cigarettes per day. This study by the ECF and they are not designed to include an example of the Vapers. They involved only experience satisfactory to the most enthusiastic Vapers Vaping. High success rate may be unlikely, in another study on smokers to quit with the Ecigs or smoking, covers are considered only products. The results of the studies clearly show Ecigs has already helped many smokers to quit. In the study of the ECF said 2/3 of respondents, that tobacco flavors achieve very important and useful for you leave your goal. The study, published in the international journal for research on environmental and health proposes to end the significant diversity of taste. Rockefeller, thinking that his preference is to be identified, that an appropriate flavor preference among adults, is not acceptable. There is only one, while research has involved thousands of people, were personally to benefit due to tobacco. Rockefeller do not know how to feel current and former smokers, or cross. Yet he keeps his opinion more important than the personal statement and the testimony of thousands of people whose lives through electronic Zigaretten were changed, and,. .