5 Htp Capsules

In General: 1 miscibility: efficiency variant 3: 1: 3 I tried this coz always struggled to achieve good quality of sleep, my opinion comes only to life when I touched the pillow. In any case the first night took a pill on an empty stomach approximately 22 00 and had me pretty fast asleep then good start I thought. But the next day, it was very tired and won't wake up felt good until about 10. 00 pm, nausea is not to feel like I. I persevered, I tried with a different night of 2 ° and drift just sleep very vivid dreams, which is good, I slept, but again very groggy in the morning. third time I dream and woke up with a headache. In addition, I felt almost hangover with sleepiness. I thought even that hot 5 htp capsules flushes, as an old lady to have menopause! I stopped, sprinkles to try something else, maybe Sleepmax or something, I need to find ingredients. ? I can try to take this 5htp perhaps with a meal to see if that makes a difference. But no night. You have a good quality of sleep, but for me it had side effects that I don't like. Fri Jan 15 00:00 GMT 2011 by Gary McKendrick is suitable? No Yes No (0) (0) recommend this report,.